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What is the Pressure Relief Valve (PRV).

The PRV is similar in operation to the T&P valve. The main difference is being the Pressure Relief Valve is to prevent a build up of excessive pressure from the Main water supply from the road.

With the local water authorities updating the national water grid, especially around the London area, and M25 corridor, mains water pressures can rise to 10 bar during the night, when demand is at it’s lowest.

This means, that the plumbing system in your home could be exposed to huge pressure rises whilst you’re snoozing away...

This can be avoided by simply installing your Megaflo correctly, and balancing the hot and cold water supplies with the equipment that’s supplied by Megaflo.

This would then protect your home, and the internal plumbing system form high pressure. If, however, the pressure managed to by-pass the controls built into the Pressure Reducing/Combination valve, the PRV would open, and once again discharge any excessive pressure and volume of water to the discharge pipework via the Tundish.

If the system is discharging through the Tundish at any time, then there’s a fault!

It would be wise to contact a ‘Part G3’ qualified engineer to have a look!

This is typical of one of ‘our’ installations carried out by Mike, and commissioned by myself.

The combination valve is the first line of defence, followed by the PRV and then the T&P valve on the cylinder itself.

Balanced cold supply to other house cold outlets

Lever control valve for cold supply to Megaflo (fitted in addition by us)

Combination valve

Built-in on/off control to house (hot & cold)

Pressure gauge (fitted in addition by us)

Additional mains water control valve (fitted in addition by us)

PRV valve


In response to concerns about ‘rogue traders’ which are often highlighted in the media, a partnership of Local Authority Trading Standards Offices have taken the groundbreaking step of putting together the Buy With Confidence Scheme.

The scheme provides a list of local businesses which have given their commitment to trading fairly.

Each business listed has undergone a series of rigorous checks and audits before being approved as a member of the scheme.

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