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Electric Economy 7 Hot Water:

There are various tariffs for cheap rate electricity available from many different suppliers. The most common is the Economy 7 tariff.

A timer (similar left) is used to control the heating of the hot water during off peak periods. Say after midnight.

They incorporate a boost, to allow topping up of the cylinder during peak periods, but limit the amount of water (and energy) that can be used or heated. This is only supplying a limited ‘top up’ of water i.e. Washing up, quick hair wash, or very quick shower.

Peak time boost immersion, to heat up half or a third of the tank during daytime.

Off peak immersion, used to heat a full tank, during the night, on cheap rate electricity.

The immersions have been modified, and should be replaced with white thermostats.

The thermostats incorporate a safety thermal cut-out, which trips out in the event of high temperatures, or any kind of hazard.

However, they do trip intermittently, but can be reset by pushing the klixon cut out button back into place.

We do not recommend you do this, as there are exposed electrical components and supplies inside the cover.

If however, you do, and the unit trips out again, DO NOT continue to use the unit, and call someone competent to have a look.

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