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The pictures below show the results of incompetence, and a lack of knowledge.

COSPROP is a theatrical costume company located on the Holloway Road, London. We received a call saying the staff could smell gas around one of the boilers.

Evidently, the three boilers installed at the premises had been serviced 3 WEEKS previously.!!

Our findings were quite staggering, and very worrying. These pictures are also a stark reminder of what can go wrong, when incompetent people are let loose on gas equipment.

How on earth you could miss the damage, and the hazardous condition of this boiler is totally beyond me!

The scorch marks are a clear indication excessive heat escaping from the chamber seals

The air intake baffle had completely collapsed, and melted with the exposure to the heat

This is the condition of the old seal. At least 50% of the seal had disintegrated over a period of time.

The heat had been SO intense, the burner facia plate itself, had warped with heat distortion.

The internal foam insulation had burnt away from the outer case door, and the door itself was starting to scorch and distort!

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